Canoe Experience

Overlooking Mt. Fuji, come and spend a relaxing moment with us on Lake Kawaguchiko! 
  • Duration 7:00 - 8:00
  • Price(tax included) 1person(13years or older) ¥3,850 / 1person(3years - 12years) ¥3,300
  • Inquiries 1F Front desk (Ext number 8)

Guided Cycling Tour

Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko, and let's have a world heritage trip!
Kawaguchiko fashion bike ride, experience a new way to travel!
 Cycling is not only a way of transportation in Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and other places, bicycles have been a healthy and way of sports and leisure. 
The bikes used in this event are professional cycling guides with a selection of stylish variable speed flat road leisure cars or mountain bikes.

Seaof Tree "Aokigahara Jukai" & Cave Exploring Tour

Aokigahara is located in the northwest of Mt. Fuji,
about 1100 meters above sea level, is part of Fuji Hakone Izu National Park,
bringing a cultural and historical experience.

Climbing Mt.Fuji

A climber was asked, "Why are you climbing the mountain?"
Answer: "Because the mountain is there!" 
There is Mt. Fuji. 
There is also a very spectacular view.
Let's go back to first heart and take a journey of spiritual cleansing towards Japan's first Saint!