Panoramic views of Mt.Fuji. A hotel with its own onsen hot spring baths, by Lake Kawaguchi.
Kawaguchi (Kawaguchiko), a lake at the foot of Mt.Fuji.
The hotel offers unrestricted panoramas of the majestic shape of Mt.Fuji from its front.
The Fuji View Hotel's extensive 100,000m² garden provides very different surroundings at each time of year, allowing you to enjoy the changing seasons in Japan.
In spring, more than 300 cherry trees bloom, providing views of Mt.Fuji rising behind a sea of blossoms.

≪History of the Fuji View Hotel≫
・1936 The Fuji View Hotel was founded by Lake Kawaguchi to offer close-up view of Mt.Fuji.
・1978 John Lennon and his family stayed here. The hotel lobby still proudly displays his autograph.
・1985 The Fuji View Hotel was extensively renovated.